english workshops/classes

We also offer english antenatal classes and english workshops. To reserve your spot or for further details please get in touch directly with the course instructor or midwife (see below).

Antenatal course for couples
Breastfeeding Group
Paperwork 101 workshop

For classes and workshops in German, please see here.

Antenatal Course for couples, weekend class
We recommend to start the course 4 to 10 weeks before your baby is due. With a german public health insurance the course fees for the mother-to-be are covered. Those with a private insurance should contact their insurance company for further details. The partners fee may be claimed on the partners health insurance. If you have further questions please get in touch directly with the midwife offering this class.
A bird sitting in a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because its trust does not lie in the branch, but in its own wings. Always believe in yourself!

Dear Mothers and Fathers to be, A very exciting time is waiting you. Self-belief may not be achieved in two days, but my classes will enable this process. By focusing on the mechanism of birth, you will grasp the fundamental ability that every woman has, to give birth. 

With 20 years worth of experience in the field, I will be informing you with the best information I have about the pregnancy, birth and the time after the birth. Also included will be information on the various stages of birth, breathing, and positions.  Yoga classes would also be recommended as a good addition in preparation for our classes.  Coffee, tea and snacks will also be provided. It’ll be anything but boring! Regards, Betül

saturday/sunday, from 10.00h – 16.00h, partners fee: 100€
(midwife: Betül Firat)

Upcoming dates:

09.09. + 10.09.17              register/contact

11.11. + 12.11.17               register/contact


Breastfeeding group

This one and a half our group is aimed at mothers with their babys and mothers-to-be.

wednesdays (once a month), fee: 5€

(Lorna Ather)

Upcoming dates:

sorry, no breastfeeding group in August

06.09.2017     12.30 – 14.00       register/contact

04.10.2017     12.30 – 14.00       register/contact

01.11.2017     12.30 – 14.00       register/contact

06.12.2017     12.30 – 14.00       register/contact


Paperwork 101 workshop
This two-hour workshop is aimed at parents-to-be, who perhaps don’t speak great German or just don’t really understand the piles of paperwork that the German system seems to throw at them once they find out they’re pregnant! We will go through the formalities that need to be taken care of during pregnancy and after the birth of your baby, what you’re entitled to and how to claim your entitlements (i.e. Kindergeld and Elterngeld). There will also be an opportunity to ask questions.
saturdays (every two months), fee: 25€ for an individual or 30€ per couple
(Lorna Ather)

Upcoming dates:

16.09.2017     13.00 – 15.30       register/contact

18.11.2017     13.00 – 15.30       register/contact
For classes and workshops in German, please see here.